Hi I’m Julia,

I am a Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner with a long history of professionally singing, performing, teaching and facilitating community singing groups.  However, I have had to work through a myriad of fears and limiting beliefs which negatively affected my health for decades. 

Singing was a natural part of my childhood with musically theatrical parents, however I abandoned singing because I was struggling with fear and anxieties that caused stress and inner-conflict.  I didn’t know how to articulate what I was feeling and therefore gave up on following my vision and dreams.   I blamed myself for being inadequate and became a very moody and angry teenager holding internal anger and unhappiness that stayed with me for many, many years – well into my adulthood.

In my search to feel better due to ongoing issues with chronic fatigue, sore throat, loss of voice, anxiety when performing, fear of confrontation and a huge fear of not feeling good enough I found Maggie Landman and her process ‘Past Age Clearing and Healing’ (PACH).  From the very first PACH session I noticed a huge difference in how I related to others and how I felt singing at gigs.  It had such a profound effect on me I trained and became a Past Age Clearing and Healing Practitioner in 2003 and formed my singing and healing school VoiceJam in 2007.

I began merging healing affirmations and intentions within singing lessons and community singing groups and witnessed profound and transformational shifts for thousands of people including myself. Singing is one of the most effective natural therapies for healing depression, addiction and trauma as well as boosting your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

You will improve your singing and harmony skills but more importantly, you can rewire the brain to  become more self-aware, embodied and empowered to use your voice as an instrument for personal healing and transformation.  Singing or listening to inspiring, uplifting lyrics enhances a positive mindset which is necessary for you to consciously create a life you love.

From my 13 years experience with facilitating groups, I am gifting to those brave souls who want to share the joy of singing within their community, an Ebook with a step by step guide on how to prosper running community singing groups. 

Be infused with joy and gratitude to build an internal sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-mastery.

Julia Williamson Sing to Thrive group singing in nature

Please meet my beautiful daughter Maddy….

Maddy Monacelli Mountain range in background profile photo for Sing to Thrive

Hi I’m Maddy,

Singing played a major role through my childhood, at home and in school.

I was 10 when mum started the singing and healing school and this was a playground for me to develop and refine my ear to hear and sing harmonies.

As I became more comfortable singing I started exploring what my voice was capable of, which meant not needing to be perfect or caring if I hit any wrong notes; which unleashed my voice in ways I could never have imagined.

I love expressing myself through voice and movement, and love the exhilaration when singing, dancing and performing.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and experiencing the joy of sharing music with children and adults alike whether it was ukulele, singing or beginner guitar.

I played a major role in creating up to 90% of all the harmonies on the Sing to Thrive albums. It has been fun, creative and also a very meaningful journey to add layers to the songs that carry important heartfelt messages to help and inspire all people, from all parts of the globe, of all ages, race and religion.



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