More singing means a more connected joyful home

Reduce screen time and grow a healthy mindset

Music and Children

Does your child have too much screen time, lack confidence, struggle with learning, have a speech disorder or behavioural issues? Are they able to read fluently or is it challenging and overwhelming. Can they concentrate and focus on tasks at hand, or do they give up easily? Do they spend enough quality time with you and their siblings? Music and singing can greatly help in addressing these problems. 

Listening to music can accelerate brain development in young children promoting language skills, speech perception and processing sound. For speech disorders such as Apraxia, research has shown that singing helps the child to form the words and become more vocally expressive. 

Neuroplasticity - boost language and music skills

Babies and children are literally like sponges. There is a ‘critical-period’ where brain maps change just by being exposed to new stimuli.  This allows babies and very young children to learn quickly, hence picking up two or more languages easily. 

Sing to thrive offers intelligent and fun music with positive affirmations that promote self-awareness, self-expression, connection and joy. Along with activating new brain circuits attuned to the frequencies of singing and music which radically enhances their musical aptitude. 

fun family bonding singing in car belting singing benefits

Great source of fun and family bonding

Download and listen to our music in the car or around the home and create quality family fun-time by singing together.  

Singing triggers the brains feel-good chemicals creating a happy healthy family environment. It encourages creativity and emotional expression.  This strengthens the pathways for open communication helping teenagers to navigate any external and internal struggles.

Boost social skills joyfully

Music performance, dancing and singing is joyful and can motivate children to engage in social activities alleviating inhibition and growing self-esteem and self-confidence.  In summary music and singing inspires creativity, brain power and listening skills that enables focus for longer periods along with improved learning and memory. It promotes bonding, expression and emotional intelligence with long lasting intellectual benefits.

  • Choose the Family Tribe Albums to fill your home with catchy uplifting songs designed to boost self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Choose the Professional Albums to have the same songs with the individual audios for all the harmony parts, if you want to work on your singing and harmony skills in the privacy of your own home.  See more about the Professional Albums below.

Albums for Families

Two upbeat and inspiring Family Tribe Albums are for families not interested in singing training but who purely want to sing for the fun of it.  Fill your environment with positive uplifting music designed to promote self-awareness, expression and social bonding.

Improve your singing skills

Give your upcoming stars the tools to develop their voice and musical aptitude.

No more boring scales.  There are 8 Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques which are easy and fun to connect to your power voice and become an embodied singer.  Hone your harmony skills by following the 6 Simple Steps to Build Singing Skills to be sounding like a pro in no time.  Empower yourself and your children using the 3 Simple Steps to Rewire the Brain to develop the focusing skills necessary to create an amazing life and ultimately reach your potential.

  • Choose our Professional Albums which offer the same songs as the Family Tribe albums with the added bonus of individual audios for all the harmony parts to train the ear, improve harmony skills and experience the freedom and joy of improvising.
  • All albums have a Songbook with the spiritual meaning, features, benefits, recommended activities and lyrics for each song.
  • See this link for more information on the Professional Albums: