Empower and heal mental illness, through music and voice.

Build strong neuronal pathways for a positive mindset.

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Rewire for Inspiration 300px Sing to Thrive

5 Themed Albums

- Improve mental health
- Transform subconscious beliefs
- Boost joy & happiness

Journey To Self Love Sing to Thrive

5 Themed Albums

- Boost confidence and self esteem
- De-stress, relax and heal
- Positive reprogramming​

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Do you suffer from mental health?

  • Heal self-judgment and connect to your Divinity.
  • Lift and dissolve the weight of depression.
  • Sooth the mind and nervous system to relieve anxiety.
  • Feel safe to build self-awareness to acknowledge, heal and release pain.
  • Transform subconscious layers of limiting beliefs that sabotage your efforts to create an inspired life.
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Do you facilitate sessions?

  • Simple, fun and effective resources to influence positive behaviours.
  • Singing triggers the brains feel-good chemicals to break through any suffering and turn the mundane into magical. 
  • Nourish and nurture yourself and your patients with joyful, uplifting music and have a positive ripple effect throughout the community.
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Singing positive statements with cognitive reflection and goal setting, boosts self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, empowering you to create a life you love.

Music Therapy

Powerful and natural therapy to heal and recover from depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. Rewire the brain to cultivate resilience, inner-peace and happiness.


Singing triggers feel-good hormones and new neural pathways. With daily immersion, the brain dynamically reorganises and consolidates permanent change within 3 to 4 weeks.


Singing elicits joy, fortifies your immune system, fires up digestion, pumps up vitality, boosts detoxification, improves memory and fuels fitness for thriving health.


Do you want more skills?

  • Fun and effective facilitator training workshops will empower you with the skills necessary to share singing as a group activity that is life-giving, leaving you feeling joyful and uplifted along with your participants. 
  • As a facilitator, you do not need music reading skills.  All songs are taught by ear making singing accessible and immediate.

Rewire series videos

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