Become a more confident singer and positive, happy person

Develop your voice, rewire the brain, consciously create your hearts desires

Feel Good

Music is emotive and can help us to release pent up emotions, which if not expressed can make us sick.

The act of singing triggers the brains production of feel-good chemicals; endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which help us to feel a sense of pleasure, bliss and well-being. Scientific research has proven that oxytocin also triggers trust. 

These neuro-chemicals relieve pain, calm our nervous system and reduce stress as well as improving mental clarity, altering our physical, mental and emotional landscapes.

Positive Thinking, Re-wire the Brain

Our childhood and life experiences develop belief systems that strongly influence our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Singing positive affirmations immediately starts growing new neuronal pathways. With a daily immersion in singing inspiring lyrics the large amount of feel-good chemicals help to consolidate permanent change. The human brain can dynamically re-organise itself in 3 to 4 weeks helping to break self-limiting patterns and clear fear.

Whether you are singing or listening to the Sing to Thrive music or healing meditations, the brain through repetition, creates stronger neuronal pathways until the desired behaviour or positive thought patterns become the new normal.


Rewire series videos

Watch our Rewire Series videos to learn how singing and science can transform your life…

Develop Singing and Harmony Skills

No more boring scales.  Fun and unique this new way of singing is joyful and effective.  Dive into our 8 Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques to connect to your power voice and become an embodied singer. Employ our 6 Simple Steps to Build Singing Skills to hone your harmony skills and sing like a pro.

  • Choose the Professional Albums which offer the individual audio tracks to train the ear to hear and sing solo’s, counterpoints, harmonies and rounds.
  • All albums have a songbook with the spiritual meaning, features, benefits, recommended activities and lyrics for each song.

Boost Confidence and Creativity

Be empowered with skills making singing and expressing yourself easy, natural and fun.  Studies have proven that singing or listening to happy music promotes creative thinking.  

This strongly influences problem solving by broadening our mindset and desire to explore and play, as well as improving learning and memory skills.


Professional series videos

Watch our Professional Series videos to learn how easy it is to improve your singing skills and run singing groups…


Effective Communication

Good communication is absolutely essential for creative conflict resolution, expressing your hearts desires and setting healthy boundaries.  

Build self-esteem and enhance self-awareness through singing positive lyrics, becoming empowered as you clear fear around expressing your authentic self.

Improve communication, messaging and presenting skills along with the ability to remain centred and connected to your personal truth which enables joyful and confident communication.

Singing and Nature - Potent Healing Tools

There is an electromagnetic field that flows on and beneath the surface of the earth. When we sit, stand or walk with bare feet on the earth we naturally absorb free electrons that harmonize the body’s basic biological rhythms, improving sleep, increasing energy and vitality, and boosting the healing and rejuvenation process of every single cell in the body.

Meditating and singing while in nature can supercharge this process by flooding the blood stream with more oxygen improving circulation and detoxification, pumping up vitality and infusing you with joy.

Connect with Mother Gaia and sing your dreams into the unified field to attract more of what you want in your life.


Start by choosing which group suits your needs

Mother Earth Album Sing to Thrive

Professional Albums

- Improve singing and harmony skills
- Boost your choirs repertoire
- Teach positive fun songs to students
- Learn to run your own singing groups

Rewire for Prosperity Sing to Thrive

Rewire Albums

- Positive reprogramming
- Stimulate creativity
- Improve mental health
- Daily tool to foster joy and happiness

Journey to Self Love Sing to Thrive

Journey into Healing

- Meditate
- Heal limiting beliefs
- Positive reprogramming
- Master your destiny