Check out what makes the ‘Journey into Healing Albums’ such a valuable resource.

  • The guided meditations offer powerful ways to reinforce, motivate and inspire healthy, positive, uplifting thought patterns.
  • Whether you choose to interact with the singing or remain in meditative stillness your brain will effortlessly create new neuronal pathways, empowering you with the skills to consciously create a life you love.
  • Ideal for professionals. Use as a co-facilitator with groups for conscious healing work.  Create a space where your group can sit or lie down to listen to the audios. Holding a safe and contained space afterwards for participants to share their experience is a rich part of the healing process.
  • Dynamic, engaging and deeply healing
  • Be infused with joy and gratitude to build an internal sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-mastery.

For maximum impact to fast track new neuronal growth and healing, use consistently, once or twice daily for a minimum of 21 days. Research shows that over a longer period of 144 days, with constant daily focus, that highly detailed brain maps develop, which become our new normal, thoroughly replacing any old negative default settings.  That is a little over four months to create permanent positive change. Amazing!

The ‘Journey Transformation Pack’ allows you to receive all 5 ‘Journey into Healing’ albums and receive any ‘Rewire’ album of your choice for FREE.

The albums and songbooks are digital downloads only.