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Have you ever yearned to run a singing group.  Now you have everything you need at your fingertips to start.   Use the free Resource Book to learn how to teach melodies, harmonies, rounds and improvise like a pro. Prosper from a tried and tested class plan to ensure success, variety and fun leading your own amazing community singing groups.

If confidence singing in front of others is a problem, then you are in luck.  Try our fun and unique way to improve your singing skills. No more boring scales. Dive into our 8 Somatic Vocal Tips and Techniques to connect to your power voice and become an embodied singer. Employ our 6 Simple Steps to Build Singing Skills to hone your harmony skills and sing like a pro.

By starting or joining a singing group you are being a catalyst for creating a bonded community where people get to connect, network and make new friends which has a positive ripple effect throughout the community.

  • Choose the Professional Albums which offer the individual audio tracks (no music reading skills required) to train the ear to hear and sing solo’s, counterpoints, harmonies and rounds, and are quick to learn and teach.
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Free Resource Book

Download free Resource Book to learn how to run successful singing groups. The book includes a complete 90 min lesson plan.

Your positive language and detailed guide made me feel like it is totally possible that I could start up a singing group by following your suggestions, while still having room to add my own flare.

Milinda Rodziewicz, Founder of Living Deeply

I have my own choir...

It is no secret that the benefits of singing are enormous and science is now proving that singing in groups is a powerful channel for healing, simultaneously improving our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

Sing to Thrive now takes that experience to a whole new level.  Imagine if your choir participants could heal long-held issues just by singing positive affirmations and uplifting songs designed to rewire the brain and build a framework of positive thought patterns helping to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

  • Choose the Professional Albums and delight in our treasure house of uplifting a cappella, harmony and call and respond songs guaranteed to enliven your choir and keep your weekly classes interesting, fun and inspiring.

Professional series videos

Watch our Professional Series videos to learn how easy it is to improve your singing skills and run singing groups…

Music designed for choirs...

Check out what makes the Sing to Thrive Professional series so special.
  • 7 Albums grouped by themes for effortless class planning
  • Large variety of genres in a cappella, rounds, call and respond and harmony songs.
  • An instant boost to your repertoire
  • The songs are catchy and contemporary
  • All lyrics are designed to rewire the brain with positive messaging to inspire and uplift
  • Perfect resource to improve your singing and harmony skills
  • No music reading skills required
  • All harmonies have individual audios to learn each song part, ie; soprano, alto, tenor, bass, counterpoint, solo, clapping track
  • These individual harmony parts are a brilliant resource to practice along with.
  • All songs with guitar or ukulele include an instrumental backing track
  • All albums have an accompanying songbook
  • Songbooks are full of valuable activities, features, benefits and lyrics to help you create a better experience for your choir participants.
  • Choose our Professional Albums to promote a positive mindset and make your classes a weekly fix of happiness for all your participants.

Mother Gaia video

Watch our Mother Gaia video and be inspired to sing, love, connect and appreciate all the beauty she has to offer…..and remember as we heal the earth we heal ourselves and vice versa.