Powerful Ways To Use Music In The Classroom

Boost cognitive, memory and social skills with an outcome of joy.

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I teach music classes...

Stimulate and engage your students with fun and easy to learn songs. All lyrics are age-appropriate and designed to create awareness of self and the world around us.

Use the music audios in the class room for your students to sing along with to boost literacy, creativity and confidence. Play the recommended activities from the songbook for brain gym, cognitive development and social interaction.

Singing connects us immediately to our feelings and is a positive mood enhancer. In a nut-shell singing is a spiritual experience that stimulates mental alertness, concentration and memory.

  • Choose the Professional Albums if you want the individual audios for each harmony part to teach students to create interactive fun and improve singing skills. (Extensive songbook with activities included)

Professional series videos

Watch our Professional Series videos to learn how easy it is to improve your singing skills and run singing groups…

I have troubled students...

Special education is a rapidly growing field. 

Singing triggers dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin production which soothes the nerves, enhancing optimism and happiness.

Sing to Thrive equips teachers with unique, effective and fun tools and guidance to improve the lives of your students and at the same time make teaching fun and uplifting. Suitable for all ages the songs and meditations will help to improve cognitive, emotional and social skills and build a strong sense of self worth.  

When the right environment is provided singing is as natural as learning to walk and talk. As a facilitator, you do not need music reading skills.  All songs are taught by ear making singing accessible and immediate.

  • Choose the Rewire Albums for songs grouped in themes with introspective singing activities to Rewire the Brain. (Rewire Songbook included)
  • Choose the Journey into Healing Meditations for deeper healing activities for individuals or a group.

Rewire series videos

Watch our Rewire Series videos to learn how singing and science can transform your life…

Songs to empower and heal...

Employ the dynamic songs and guided healing meditations that can be used both in the class room and recommended for home use to aid in the empowerment of your students and their home and family environment.

Singing automatically helps us to feel our emotions and provides a safe pathway for expression.  We all suffer from self-doubt and a lack of confidence at some stage in our lives. The songs and music are designed to rewire the brain with a ‘CAN DO’ attitude and inspire us to believe in ourselves and take action to create what we truly want.

Singing naturally leads to song-writing which enhances creativity, expression and improves literacy skills.